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On an impulse while on vacation abroad, I had what I learned was a complete "mommy makeover". What was I thinking?? Everything looked great at first, but that was no way to enjoy a vacation. The total price was not that cheap but i figured, what the heck? I was a long way from New York and when I get back, I would be a new girl. The reality of the horrible outcome, the heavy scars, the rippling after liposuction, and the misshapen breasts made me want to go crawl and hide for months after the experience. I came to see Dr. Lach when my own primary care doctor made the referral. The doctor said that her breast surgery with Dr. Lach left her with such a nice result that "only your radiologist" would know she had surgery. Thatwas all I needed to hear.This year, I have returned to my bathing suit and the beach! I have been so pleased to have met Dr. Lach whose surgical expertise and care as well as concern for my safety and well being is a real comfort. My battered self-esteem and confidence is now restored. The short travel to Boston is worth the trip. I have sent many girlfriends for his services and none of my friends have been disappointed either.



I was very nervous about my procedure, mostly because I can't stand needles. Both Dr. Lach and Gail truly helped me feel calm and reassured me on each step of the procedure. They are a great team to have by your side when undergoing Smartlipo. Great bedside manner and very professional.

- N.


I was always accepting of my body and pleased with my looks. After the birth of my daughter and nursing her for 4 months, I finally knew what it felt like to want plastic surgery. With all of the near constant Google ads thrown at me touting cosmetic surgery- that is actually performed by non plastic surgeons, I was looking for a real board certified plastic surgeon that I could entrust my body to. I wanted one of those Beverly Hills doctors that you see on TV but in the Boston area. I wanted someone who was brilliant, meticulous, skilled, and a pleasure to deal with. There he was- right in my back yard. The breast augmentation and breast lift surgery that Dr. Elliot Lach performed on me exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased to have been referred to such a gifted, patient, and kind plastic surgeon. My friend told me I would not be disappointed and she was exactly right.

- S.M.



I was referred to Dr. Lach by a friend and I couldn't have made a better choice in a doctor! The time he took to go over my concerns, explaining to me about all the steps in the process and he was right about everything! No surprises. I went into my surgery feeling very secure and comforted knowing that I'm in good hands. There were no hard sales, actually, I even asked for something else and he said that I didn't need it at the time. My results are even better than I expected from my laser lipo sculpture on my abdomen and hips. I will definitely return to his office for more liposuction on my other areas that I intend to have done, soon. I have since recommended him to many of my friends that have had far less of a pleasant experience with their own doctors. There are a lot of choices in doctors out there and it's a lifesaver when you find one like Dr. Lach.

- M.B.



I've been seeing Dr. Lach for years for preventive skin-cancer monitoring. He has removed more than a dozen moles and lesions from my skin with precision and minimal pain. Dr. Lach is a master of his discipline. He thoroughly understands the physiology of the skin and applies a deft and skilled hand to his treatments. Perhaps best of all, he has a wry and wonderful sense of humor that makes him a pleasure to work with. I rarely laugh when I visit the doctor, but I always emerge from my sessions with Dr. Lach in better humor than when I came in. He is simply one of the best.

- P.G.



I went to doctor Lach for a follow-up from a finger injury I sustained. He provided great advice and exhibited a very caring nature. A true physician....

- J.C.



Dr. Lach is one of those doctors that just goes the extra mile when servicing his patients. His tact and professional approach makes you feel like you are the only one on the schedule that day! Never hurried out the door. My surgery results (breast augmentation) were better than expected. I had a great experience and plan on having other procedures with Dr. Lach when the time comes. I highly recommend him.

-  C.M.F.



"About 15 years ago, I broke my jaw and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lach for the first time. I have been seeing him ever since for various matters ranging from minor evaluations to full surgeries. Dr. Lach is absolutely the best doctor I have ever had, far and away. He is a truly brilliant doctor (he has correctly diagnosed and treated a medical problem of mine that other doctors of mine missed or misdiagnosed). And he cares more about the quality of life of his patients than any doctor I have ever known. Because my experiences with Dr. Lach have been so positive, I recommended him to each of the other three members of my immediate family, and each have come back with the same enthusiasm that I have for him. In fact, my mom claims to be his number one fan, but I am willing to bet that many of his patients make that claim. Myself included. The bottom line is that Dr. Lach is at the top of his class. If only all doctors were as top notch as him...."



"Gave me confidence that my medical problems could be healed and corrected... and that I could pursue a normal life."

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