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Plastic Surgery

When people think of the field of plastic surgery, images usually come to mind of movie stars and centerfolds. But the techniques employed by plastic surgeons have given millions of Americans a second chance at life, and have healed wounds that most of us should never hope to see.

As plastic surgeons, we typically perform three major functions:

  1. We improve or enhance our patient's appearance
  2. We correct the physical effect of an injury, deformity or disfigurement
  3. We redevelop a function that has been lost or previously nonexistent

Breast augmentations, for example, aren't just for those who are feeling a little less endowed – they also empower breast cancer survivors who've been through unimaginable ordeals. There are many women who come to us looking for plumper, fuller lips, but we also give healthy, bright smiles to babies born with a cleft palate. And while skin rejuvenation is our most popular treatment, we also help burn victims repair the damage done to their skin.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery aren't just for the rich and famous – it's for everyone who wants to look and feel their best.