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At Boston Surgical Group, we offer the people of Southborough, MA and beyond the latest, most state-of-the-art liposuction procedure: Body Jet liposuction. At our Body Jet liposuction clinic, we follow the trends in less-invasive liposuction procedures because Boston Surgical Group believes in the mission to provide liposuction with increasingly less trauma to body tissue. Body Jet liposuction treatment works by applying high pressures of water directly to the areas of the body where fat is most concentrated.

Our Body Jet liposuction surgeon does this because the water spray breaks up fat, loosening it in preparation for liposuction. In this way, Body Jet liposuction leaves blood vessels and surrounding tissues intact, requiring less-invasive surgery for liposuction. Call Boston Surgical Group today to speak to a Body Jet liposuction specialist who can answer all your questions about this revolution in weight-loss surgery.