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Breast Reconstruction

For many breast cancer victims, it can become necessary to perform a mastectomy – which removes the breast in order to remove the cancerous area. This can be a life–altering experience for women, as the loss of a breast can lead to trauma, depression, and some believe the ability of the body to properly heal.

If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer and a mastectomy has been offered as an option, we'll be more than happy to discuss the possibility of reconstructing your breast during a procedure immediately following the mastectomy.

We'll work with your oncologist and surgical team to formulate a plan that's right for you. Your initial surgery must be done in a hospital, but breast reconstruction usually takes more than one procedure – in which case, the additional procedure can usually be performed on an outpatient basis.

During a breast reconstruction, a saline– or silicone gel–filled implant will be affixed in the breast area, and one of two techniques can be used:

  1. Flap reconstruction, in which we take skin from your back area and move it to the breast
  2. Skin expansion, in which an expander valve is inserted and gradually filled over time in order to allow the skin to expand naturally

The, during a second procedure, your nipple and areole will be reconstructed. Within six weeks, you should be fully healed and ready to live a full, healthy life!