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Surgical Center Offering State-of-the-Art Laser Techniques in Boston

Boston Surgical Group offers state-of-the-art laser, minimally invasive, and conventional surgical procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeons, working in fully accredited facilities.  Our experienced clinical staff specializing in aesthetic surgery, strives to ensure the utmost safety and to deliver beautiful, natural looking results. We provide consultations for patients from throughout the Boston, Metro-West, and Worcester areas as well as from out-of-town. We will help you better understand the specific procedures that meet your individual need and will review your potential results. We also offer affordable pricing, easy financing and individualized payment plans to help every patient afford their procedure.

Often times people think of Botox and plastic surgery as just a means to improve one's physical features. It is true that this is one outcome of these types of procedures, but another outcome to consider is the change these procedures have on one's confidence and self image, not to mention the positive effects some procedures can have on overall health. With advancements in plastic surgery more and more people are electing to undergo cosmetic procedures, including patients who are seeking treatments for medical conditions such as acne, diabetes, obesity, or skin and breast cancer.

For residents of Boston, Botox and plastic surgery professionals at Boston Surgical Group can provide the quality care and service you look for when you are considering a cosmetic procedure. Don't hesitate, our highly trained staff and Board Certified team of surgeons can discuss your options with you. Call today!