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Boston Surgical Group offers state-of-the-art laser, minimally invasive, and conventional surgical procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeons, working in fully accredited facilities.  Our experienced clinical staff specializing in aesthetic surgery, strives to ensure the utmost safety and to deliver beautiful, natural looking results. We provide consultations for patients from throughout the Boston, Metro-West, and Worcester areas as well as from out-of-town. We will help you better understand the specific procedures that meet your individual need and will review your potential results. We also offer affordable pricing, easy financing and individualized payment plans to help every patient afford their procedure.

Our expert plastic surgeons specialize in the full range of plastic surgery procedures including breast augmentation and mastopexy, eyelid lift, face-lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and liposculpture, SmartLipo®, and rhinoplasty, body contouring after weight loss, as well as procedures covered by insurance such as mole and skin cancer removal, breast reduction and breast reconstruction for treatment of breast cancer. Our surgeons are experts in the field and highly respected nationally and internationally.

Your satisfaction is first and foremost to our skin care professionals. Dr. Lach's staff is highly trained- and experienced; your safety is their first priority. They are passionate and committed to creating an atmosphere to make every visit enjoyable and comfortable. The Boston Surgical Group is also at the forefront of light-based technology with our exclusive, comprehensive laser suite offerings for the treatment of birthmarks, hemangiomas, laser lipolysis and laser liposuction, tattoo removal, laser skin resurfacing and skin photo-facial rejuvenation. We also provide a comprehensive offering of Botox® purified protein and dermal fillers to suit the need for minimally invasive volume restoration and wrinkle removal. You will look forward to return visits to Dr. Lach again and again!

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